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i-share : Scientific Publications

Scientific Publications

You can find here all the scientific publications of the i-Share study.

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Ishida M, Montagni I, Matsuzaki K, Shimamoto T, Cariou T, Kawamura T, Tzourio C, Iwami T (2020). The association between depressive symptoms and self-rated health among university students: a cross-sectional study in France and Japan. BMC Psychiatry; 20:549

Lecat N, Fourrier-Réglat A, Montagni I, Tzourio C, Pariente A, Verdoux H, Tournier M (2020). Association between anxiolytic/hypnotic drugs and suicidal thoughts or behaviors in a population-based cohort of students. Psychiatry Research,

Gbessemehlan A, Arsandaux J, Orri M, Montagni I, Macalli M, Tournier M, Tzourio C, Galéra C (2020). Perceived stress partially accounts for the association between Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) symptoms and suicidal ideation among students. Psychiatry Research, 113284.

Montagni I, Vialemaringe M, Tzourio C (2020). Sport practice and perceptions in University students: a mixed-methods study. International Sport Science Student Studies, 2(1): 1-15.

Montagni I, Mabchour I, Tzourio C (2020). Digital gamification to enhance vaccine knowledge and uptake: A scoping review. JMIR Serious Games.

Arsandaux J, Montagni I, Macalli M, Bouteloup V, Tzourio C, Galera C (2020). Health Risk Behaviors and Self-Esteem Among College Students: Systematic Review of Quantitative Studies. International Journal of Behavioral Medicine.

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